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Diamond Bedding

Elmas Group started its journey in 2002 and since then has become a major player in the manufacture of furniture, metal accessory mechanism systems and electrostatic painting systems. Along the way, it has worked passionately for continuous growth and development. In the process of growth and development over time, it has constantly moved towards offering more value to its customers. In 2013, Elmas Group started to serve in the furniture materials sector as well as the metal sub-industry. Aiming to meet the needs of its customers in a complete way with foam, textile group, material and metal group products, Elmas Group aims to become one of the leading companies in Turkey.

Starting from 2023, Diamond Bedding became a brand of Elmas Group company that shows up in the bed production sector with its innovative design approach, skilful workmanship, durability and superior service understanding and continues to work in a way that will appeal to the wishes of the customers and continues its way actively with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

Diamond Bedding
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Diamond Bedding

Diamond Bedding offers you an memorable sleep experience to end your search for comfort and quality. Our mattresses, each detail of which is carefully designed, aim to maximise sleep quality.

Empoly Comfort

Special for those who want a highly comfortable sleeping experience

Empoly Dream

Enjoy the flexibility offered by our specially prescribed "CR" sponge

Empoly Soft

Special for those looking for ultimate softness, quality and comfort.

Visco Sleep

Reach the peak of comfortable sleep with Visco Sleep, which is equipped…

Diamond Bedding
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Diamond Bedding

We offer a combination of luxury and comfort. Diamond Bedding provides excellent comfort with its special diamond textured surfaces. Designed for a restful sleep every night.